HELLO FRIEND - Children's illustrator Cat Wong's character Clarence Bear invites hedgehog to eat a carrot  in this gif animation from  San Francisco, California  illustration and  author advocate

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Peter Ella, creates his BUAI PEOPLE chararchters for his Papua New Guinea, South Pacific children's stories illustrattions - CLICK TO HIS PORTFOLIO AREA

Chie Yamamoto Boyd, while student in San Francisco  BFA Illustration  program joins ChildrensIllustrators ORG  *** CLICK TO SAMPLE PORTFOLIO OF ILLUSTRATIONS  ***
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hong Kong cartoon character, ANJOLICO the  Wireless Cat, lights up nite  sky, as he flies over the Hong Kong Harbor - in this surperb gif animation Yuk Hatori - click to this Tokyo Japan based fashion illustrator sample work

  • Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
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    • Children's Illustrators & Representative John Evans, PhD.
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    • Photographers / Photo-Journalists Marsha Berman / Reilly Family
Chickens Adventures - children's illustrator Peter Ella, cover design and story  graphics - CLICK TO SEE MORE OF THIS PNG illustrators work
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    • Internationally recognized Cartographer-Mapmaker, Angus Weller  MapMatrix.com
Children's illustrators sample collage of cartoon characters, illustrations, California's San Francisco children's illustrators,  Manga Comic Cover art from Japan, photos of Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea and Vancouver Canada overlaid on Mercator Map Projection ANJOLICO the wireless cat, from Tony Yau, BFA MVA Click to this well publsihed  designer, illustrator and creative director in 2004 given honorable mention by SCBWI Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. It was an American society back then, now delveoped a Canadian Chapter.  - CLICK TO Christine Wong   portfolio website  www.Carrotstick.ca CLICK TO Cathi Wong's sampie Cover Design work for well published childrens and young/juvenile genre writers University of Papua New Guinea book shop and publications contribute to ChildrensIllustrators.org - CLICK TO PNGBuai.com site Dog Eaters manga graphic novel - official website of images and information by award-winning screenwriter, Malcolm Wong see some large sample cover designs done by San Francisco's Cat Wong for author Ian X. Byrne See Clara and Clarence bear children's characters developed by San Francisco's CAT WONG  at www.claraandclarencebear.com Dog Eaters Manga - graphic novel by Tokyo and Hawaii based screen writer Malcolm Wong - CLICK TO OFFICIAL WEB SITE of this acclaimed post oil  apocalypic  USA future science fiction world Photo collage by Tony Yau, Hong Kong graphic designer, childrens illustrator of the MONG KOK / aks MONG  GOK super dense BUSINESS SHOPPING DISTRICT  See how Tony Yau's Hong Kong childrens cartoon cat ANJOLICO  promotes healthy washing of hands for children before going to  eat in any street or inside restaruant / food outlet vistit Tokyo's leading source of Japanese and internationally recognized illustrators Illustrators and Graphic designers  looking for Canada Intellectual Property / Copyright / Trademark laws, regulators and lawyers to help protect you r work and develop your business - CLICK TO CANADALEGAL.info website


childrens app :  Paddle the Sea Turtle and friends, including Clara  as the mermaid Star, and Clarence Bear as the Sea King. -- Hungry little Paddle is hunting jellies, butg tiger sharks , Killer whales, and scuba divers try to stop him .  See what his friends can do to help him survivie.  Game  has 3 levels :   Novice, Intermediate and Advanced .   availabe for Apple and Android phones from Apple iTunes, and Amazon - click on links for more info below

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Image of Three Little Pigs characters on stage -  story as Apple app - by childrens illustrator  Cat Wong For ages 4 and up - interactive book app starring Clara, Clarence Bear &  friends offers a fresh spin on the classic  tale of the THREE LITTLE PIGS will delight parents and children alike

Click to get our app at the Apple iTunes Store http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/three-little-pigs-a-play-hd/id513766140?ls=1&mt=8

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South Pacific, Papua New Guinea illustrator Mr. Peter Ella

Chickens Adventures - children's illustrator Peter Ella, cover design and story  graphas - CLICK TO SEE MORE OF THIS PNG illustrators work

Fashion illustrations from Cross World Communications Inc., Japanese illustrator Yuki Hatori

soft fanicful colors in 2 fashion illustrations by Yuki Hatori, Japnese illustror in Tokyo CLIDK FOR ENLARGEMNETS Yuk Hatori - click to this Tokyo Japan based fashion illustrator, Yuki Hatori - sample work

see also Cwctokyo.com Represent over 40 illustrators throughout the world.

2012 - Malcolm Wong says Dog Eaters Manga Issue #1 now has an Apple iTunes App at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dogeaters-manga-1/id499337378?mt=8

Graphic Novelist Malcolm Wong, in Tokyo announces Issue #3 samples of his Manga genre "Dog Eaters" now up on Utube.com as of February 2010

Just in case you haven't seen them, here are the latest 3 videos of Dog Eaters storey installments:

Resources for Legal information / Consultation on Trademarks & Business Contracts for Illustrators

  • Canada's Intellectual Property Laws and Administration Services
Sorel Leinburd, lawyer in Vancouver BC, has worked in HONG KONG, has a Masters degree in Communications, and does lot of work in the intellectual property areas and is a Registered Trademark Agnet in Canada
  • Canada's lawyers experienced in TradeMark Law, Intellectual Property, Communications & Business Service / Copyright Contracts
Terrence Carter of Carters Professional Group of lawyers - with  experience n  Intellectual Property  work with non-profit organizations  in Canada - based in Toronto Area
  • Greater Toronto Area GTA Lawyers
    Carters.ca Trademark Agents with focus on work with NGOs, eg. non-profit organizations, churchres, associations. Carters is associated with Faskens'Lawyers in Toronto and accross Canada

  • USA Intellectual Property Laws and Administration Services
    • United States Patent and Trademark Office www.uspto.gov
      • Trademarks " Mission [of Trademarks Section of U.S. Gov. Office] Our mission is to apply the statute in the examination and registration of trademarks. Federal registration of trademarks is not required although registration does:
        •  Provide notice to others of marks in use in commerce in the U.S.
        •  Provide access to the federal courts
        •  Provide prima-facie evidence of ownership
        •  Provide access to anti-counterfeiting statutes
        •  Permit enforcement of rights
        •  Provide a basis for foreign filing
      • "The Role of USPTO and Intellectual Property Policy"
        IP Law & Policy
    • The San Francisco Intellectual Property Law Association
      (SFIPLA www.sfipla.org )
    • California & International Court Case Attorneys experienced in copyright / patents / trademark disputes
      s/a Richard Morris, lawyer and author, called to both California and Arizona Bar

Richard Morris, Attorney has represented clients for Intellectual /Property  protection right up to Supreme Court of California  in e.g. in case spanning  US Californai and European Countries jurisdiction , Morris is also a court room drama author, click for more info

Richard Morris, Attorney in California and Arizona, also has practiced in the United Kingdom - has represented clients for Intellectual /Property protection right up to Supreme Court of California in e.g. in case spanning US California and European Countries jurisdictions.

Morris in 2009 published a court room drama novel God on Trial ISBN13: 978-0-7414-5755-4 [cover designer Cat Wong] , click for more info

Richard M. Morris, B.Sc. Ph.D. J.D., USA Arizona, Attorney at Law and USA California, Attorney at Law brings many strengths in working with creative content people e.g. illustrators, sculptors, writers etc.  These assets in the area of Intellectual Property Law includehis well known background as a college-university level teacher, an internationally connected litigator, a writer and a lawyer practising wills and estates law.  In the end it is ideas and memories and acknowledging "who created what" history that has "value" [editorial comment fr. N. Chan, MSW, Dip. Libaray Tech. 2010.01.01]

Illustrators Image Portfolios:  Public Health Education ·  Illustrators for Work Place Safety and RSI Injury Prevention ·  Cover Design for Children's & Youth Audience Books Photographers for Physical Therapists · Illustrators & Photographers Marketing Dentists and  ·  Educational Programs for Illustrators & Graphics Professionals

Definitions:  children's book illustration , "...any type of picture or decorative work produced for books specifically intended for a youthful audience."  [cite fr. www.answers.com/topic/children-s-book-illustration 2009.12.28 ]

"Illustrations   Children's books are often illustrated, sometimes lavishly, in a way that is rarely used for adult literature except in the illustrated novel genre popular especially in Japan, Korea and France. Generally, the artwork plays a greater role in books intended for the youngest readers (especially pre-literate children). Children's picture books can be a cognitively accessible source of high quality art for young children.
Many authors work with a preferred artist who illustrates their words; others create books together, and some illustrators write their own books. Even after children attain sufficient levels of literacy to enjoy the story without illustrations, they continue to appreciate the occasional drawings found in chapter books". [cited fr. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children%27s_literature#Illustrations

Cat Wong's 2 childrens characters Clara and Clarence Bear getting H1N1 flu vaccine at doctors office. - an image to desensitize children to getting an injection

Above illustration shows , Clara and Clarence Bear, children's characters promote flu vaccinations for very young children.  This graphic comes from all the world wide media news and emotions around the current Pandemic Flu called the H1N1 flu or "Swine Flu" From October - November 2009.  See also ClaraAndClarenceBear.com for more from San Francisco children's illustrator Cat Wong.

The above illustration might be a suitable image as part of a advertising campaign related to choosing a medical doctor such as the book and related table of content excerpted below.

Hong Kong's Wireless Cartoon Cat ANJOLICO fencourages children to wash their hands more often as a health promotion activity

Anjolico the Wireless Cat, above promoting hand washing for children as a basic health habit

The above animated graphic is cartoon cat Anjolico, the creation of Tony Yau BFA MVA, in Hong Kong, China Anjolico.com who has also been a successful business graphic's designer and creative director in Vancouver Canada and Hong Kong China, see some of his work also at Hong Kong Metrotown.info

Anjolico the Wireless Cartoon cat, says "Thank you to University of California Irvine, Health Centre, USA www.uci.edu, for using me and Tony's graphics in helping you promote more ergonomic work stations in your hospital and medical clinic administrative areas."
One version of the illustration you used is below to the left, titled Anjolico - Work Station Safety

For other UCI Health Education Center Information - see also www.health.uci.edu

Suggested Reading for Patients & Families

Choosing Your Doctor:  20 Critical Checkpoints

Author:  George D. LeMaitre, MD, FACS
Paperback: 159 pages
Publisher: Infinity Publishing, USA (June 6, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0741445522     ISBN-13: 978-0741445520


 · Forward:  STOP!!  Check your doctor carefully - Very Carefully!

  1. The Evolution of Health Care  "you must remember this..."
  2. You Get What You Pay For  "the buck stops...where?"
  3. What is a Primary or Personal Physician?  "the buck stops...here"
  4. How Not to Choose a Doctor  "pay no attention to the man behind the screen"
  5. How to Begin Your Search  "can you hear the smile in her voice?"
  6. Can You Rely on a Doctor's Reputation?  "round up the usual suspects"
  7. The Most Important Sign of a Good Doctor  "look before you keep"
  8. Time Out for Some Objections  "caring and curing"
  9. Finding a Doctor in a New Community  "once upon a tim"
  10. A Good Doctor Works Hard  "pulling a rabbit out of a hat"
  11. The Word "Doctor" Means Teacher  "I have a question teacher"
  12. Thirteen "Diseases" That Can Kill You  "an undertaker's dozen"
  13. The Doctor as a Responsible Professional  "is there a REAL doctor in the house?"
  14. Let's Talk Money  "pulse vs. purse"
  15. How to Avoid Surgery or at Least Live With It & quot;does your dog bite?"
  16. The Doctor as a Confidant  "too hot to handle"
  17. What You Should Know About Drugs  "more than a grain of salt"
  18. How to Get the Most from a Visit to Your Doctor  "like herding cats"
  19. Underdoctoring and Overdoctoring  "disease vs dis-ease"
  20. Epilogue. Dehumanism: The Core of Our Discontent  "patients are people"

For more details on the book as well as excerpts go to Dr. LeMaitre's web site www.choosingyourdoctor.net

You can order this book from

Dedication - Credits

This site is dedicated to the memories of all our parents and the people who gave us all the experience of what it means to be children in a world of images and words. N.C. 2010.01.05

  • Vancouver, BC, Canada

2010 Jan. 13 update

We welcome the participation and contributions to this site by San Francisco, Academy of Art illustration student Ms. Chie Yamamoto Boyd

Chie Yamamoto Boyd, while student in San Francisco  BFA Illustration  program joins ChildrensIllustrators ORG
Email chie@childrensillustrators.org

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Credits:  The material on this web site have been provided by a large number of illustrators, graphic designers and photographers including: 

  • Tony Yau, BFA (York Univ. Toronto), MVA (Master of Visual Arts, Univ. Alberta, Edmonton) based Hong Kong, China
    Tony is fluent in Cantonese Chinese with some Mandarin
    • www.Anjolico.com
    • Published on web since 1995 with Pacific Rim librarians/archivists web magazines, Hong Kong News Papers, Corporate imaging campaigns e. g. Fuji-Xerox ads, Hong Kong City University, taught courses at Polytechnic College for illustrators and graphic designers, worked with, movie stars (e.g. Choy Sui Fun) with NGO fund raising for building/rebuilding devastated elementary schools in rural mainland China
    • Email: tyau@childrensillustrators.org

Malcom Wong, lives in both Tokyo and Hawaii as a graphic novelist
  • Malcolm Wong, MFA - resides in Tokyo, Japan
    studied at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, then completed MFA in Art sculpture in Hawaii
    • www.dogeaters-manga.com Graphic Novel based on his award winning screen play
      • read how Dog Eaters evolved from a screen play into a graphic novel www.dogeaters-manga.com/?page_id=5
      • read intro to this fictional future novel
        "Mankind failed in its first attempt to transcend the Petroleum Age. The Die Off killed nine out of ten people worldwide. One hundred and seventy five years later, civilization consists of scattered nomadic tribes, isolated casino-cities, and roving bands of predatory bandits.
        This is the world of the Black Dog Clan." [cited 2010.01.24 with permission] fr. Malcolm Wong, author in Tokyo Dog Eaters Comic - the Black Dog Clan
    • Neo Blythe Doll design, manufacturing and international marketing
    • \
    • Malcolm also helps administer a Tokyo based agency that manages and promote over 40 children's illustrators and graphic designers from across the globe

  • Cathi Wong, B. Sc. Organizational Behavior, University of San Francisco, USA
    • 4th generation San Francisco, California native
    • www.ClaraAndClarenceBear.com
    • www.MetroTown.info San Francisco & Bay Area content editor for consumer contributions for tourism and resident services
    • Author-advocate / illustration consultant / cover designer for children's and adult story writers
    • Previous career as a large California corporation staff trainer and staff development programs designer, including distance education/training programs using networked TV
    • Email: cwong@childrensillustrators.org

  • Christine Wong, in Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada
    • Award winning children's illustrations
    • (education and training in illustration and graphics from Hong Kong Polytechnic University , as well as BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology - in interior design ]
    • Christine is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese dialects

  • John Evans PhD United Kingdom, Manager of the University of Papua New Guinea Book shop
    • PNGbuai.com Papua New Guinea Books Useful Articles & Information
    • Former director the U.N.P.G School of Library Studies
    • "John Evans, a lecturer and book publisher within SPCenCIID and project leader for PINS-PNG, says that much of the research is published outside of the country [Papua New Guinea] and often does not make it back. Webbing New and Traditional Knowledge on Canada's International Development Research Corporation web site

      For more information about PINS-PNG or Pan Asia Networking contact us:

      John Evans
      Project Leader, PINS-PNG
      South Pacific Centre for Communication and Information in Development (SPCenCIID)
      University of PNG
      Box 320, University PO, NCD
      Papua New Guinea
      E-mail: John.Evans@upng.ac.pg
      Tel:  675-3267260
      Fax:  675-3267187

    • UNPG Bookshop also handles a great deal in-house publishing and outreach work for isolated rural communities

  • Neal Chan, BA MSW (Masters in Social Work, Wilfred Laurier University a.k.a. WLU, Waterloo, Ontario), Staff Development Coordinator & Staff Training Program Developer, Provincial Ministry of Human Resources (aka Ministry of Family & Children's Services, for BC Sunshine Coast, North Shore, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge Regional and District Social Welfare, Rehabilitation & Adult Mentally Handicapped Service social workers, family support / child care workers and administrative support staff 1978-1984, Course work in Library Technician Diploma (Langara College, Vancouver, BC
    • Provenance.ca for librarians, archivists and information professionals founding web publisher 1995- 2010

Photographers and Children's Illustrators

Norberto Li, DDS
Dentist & Photographer

Photo of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge  taken by Norberto Li, dentisit with hotair balloon children's illustration of Clara and Clarence Bear characters